Serena Scanzillo

Serena started soccer at the age of 4, graduated to lacrosse and swim team in high school and later got into running races and bodybuilding to not only enhance her overall athleticism, but to challenge herself in new ways. Sports and recreation has always been her lifeblood, fueling her desire to influence others through SerenaFit, established in 2008. 

After spending ten years in Washington, DC Serena moved to Philly in 2015 and loves meeting like minded business owners and locals who think outside the box. It's all about community and friendship for her, living for the experience and adventure of it all.
Having worked with hundreds of groups, clients, companies and thought leaders from all over the world for over 8 years, her brand knows what the pertinent health challenges are for most busy, working adults and is out to provide the solution on a digital platform that is easy to understand, utilize and engage with.
Travel, great wine, family, Saturday mornings, good conversation, juiceries & hot yoga are a few of her favorite things. You can find her power walking the city, most days of the week, in-between meetings and sessions! 


*The views and tips expressed in these assets and videos are solely those of this fitness professional. 

Before embarking on any new fitness routine or making any drastic nutrition-related changes, be sure to consult your physician.