Donovan Green

Donovan Green is the personal trainer to Dr. Oz, author of No Excuses Fitness, Health-spirational leader, Health Coach, martial arts instructor, and founder of the Chair Workouts app. Though he has trained top athletes, multi-billionaires to special ops, his primary focus in the fitness industry is not athletes who can run 25 miles without breaking a sweat. He concentrates on those he calls “the forgotten crowd”.

These are the at-home moms, the injured, office workers, drivers, the obese, and anyone in need of change but has no idea how or where to start. His mission is to teach people how to move safely while getting amazing results in minimum time.

He says there is no need for expensive gym equipment. You can use equipment like dumbbells, a yoga mat, a jump rope, a Swiss ball, or even a chair to get fit at home or in your office. He is filled with energy, wisdom, and has a great sense of humor. He believes that you can have excuses or results, but not both. You have to make the choice.



*The views and tips expressed in these assets and videos are solely those of this fitness professional. 

Before embarking on any new fitness routine or making any drastic nutrition-related changes, be sure to consult your physician.